Buying from the farmer is one of the best ways to ensure that your food is safe, nutritious and fresh. If you do not buy directly from farmers, you may be buying crops that are improperly handled or over-processed. From savoring produce at the peak of freshness to meeting the people who grow your food, there are countless reasons to support farmers markets. Here are just a few!


1) Health Comes First!
Since you’re assured that the food is reaching you as soon as possible after the harvest period, the freshness of the produce remains unquestioned. Most of the foods you get in supermarkets are highly processed and pumped with pesticides, artificial colors and other chemicals to improve the visual appeal of the produce. They taste better and are healthier. Even your local fruit seller might be selling you fruits that are filled with lots of chemicals. However, middlemen have no involvement, and when you buy them directly from our farmers, there is no scope for such things. They make great efforts to ensure that the food that reaches you is the purest form, thus, healthy and nutritious.


2) Fresh and Tasty? You Got It!
Since the fruits you buy from the farmers reach you right after the harvest, they are super-fresh and hence, super tasty. Instead of on the road, the fruits ripen in the fields themselves and do not sit for days in the storage. They retain all of their natural goodness, and the taste you get is authentic, in its pure form. You will finally be able to taste the products in their fresh, unadulterated forms and enjoy their natural flavors.


3) You’re Supporting The Locals
You can either throw your Money at manipulative middlemen and large corporations or support honest, hardworking farmers. By buying from the farmers, you are promoting sustainable growth and healthy and organic cultivation practices. More power to the farmer and you!


4) The Season’s gains
In your local market or supermarket, you would get all the fruits and products all year around. While this is a great thing, it means that they are not fresh and the products which are not in season are a lot more expensive. But the farmer will only provide you with seasonal products. You can connect to the natural seasonal cycle. Enjoy juicy mangoes in the summer, grapes and oranges in the winter and strawberries in the spring. The authentic flavours of each season!


5)Ask Questions
It is essential to know what you are eating. And the best way to do that is to connect with the person who grows what you’re eating! It is a beautiful process when you connect with the people behind your food! When you buy directly from the farmer, you can have complete information about how organically the product has been grown, the process, the benefits of the product you are purchasing, and so on.


6) Save Money
A basket of strawberries may hide some overripe or rotting fruit under the good fruit at a grocery store. At the farmers market, I don’t see this happening because their reputation is their livelihood. In any case, they’ll let you look through a basket and make sure you’re happy with every piece of fruit. Buying from farmers eliminates the cost of the middleman and pricey shipping, so you get more value for your dollar. Grocery stores tend to charge an arm and a leg for organic fruits and vegetables.


7) Look beyond Fruits and Vegetables
The farmer’s market is a hot spot for locally grown produce. Vendors at many markets offer grains, milk, cheese, meat, honey, jams, bread, desserts, and even fresh-cut flowers. If you shop around, you’ll likely find deals that beat the offerings at your grocery store. But you can often save money on your grocery bill by buying other items at the farmers market, too. 

There are many great reasons to visit farmers’ markets, whether it’s the promotion of a positive social atmosphere, the support of dozens of local small businesses, or simply the peace of mind in knowing where your food is coming from and how it is produced. The community of farmers and their consumers is a beautiful one. To make it more close-knit and ensure that you only consume healthy and fresh products, take the first step and start buying from the farmers directly via Farmsnation.


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