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Ayurveda says “Drakshaa Phalottamaa”, which means of all the fruits, the grape is the best. Raisins are dried grapes. The drying process preserves and concentrates the antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins and nutrients of raisins that can benefit overall health. Due to its medicinal properties, it increases the moistness of our body tissues and softens the dried ones. Hence the name ” Mrudavika”. Raisins are gluten, saturated fat and cholesterol-free. They are rich in fiber, potassium, iron, calcium & other essential nutrients. Raisin alleviates the Vata & Pitta Doshas.

तृष्णादाह ज्वरश्वास रक्तपित्त क्षत्तक्षयान | वातपित्तमुदावर्त स्वरभेदं मदात्ययम ।।

The shloka explains the properties and beneöts of raisin. Raisin provides relief in situations like excessive thrust, burning sensation, fever, respiratory problems, nasal bleeding, chest injury and chronic respiratory diseases. Raisin consumption is useful in disorders related to Vata and pitta imbalances like bloating, hoarse voice, raisins are also useful in treating health issues related to excessive alcohol intake.

Sangli is recognized as one of the main growers of grapes in India. To provide the world with the best quality raisins, our farm follows the traditional method to produce the best quality juicy & nutrient-rich raisins. We handpicked fully ripened grapes from the pesticide-free farm and simply wash with fresh water to remove any dust or dirt from grapes and then spread them over the ground which is covered with air circulating cloth or sheet to avoid direct sunlight. The natural sun-drying process takes more time as compared to a chemical drying process. Finally, raisins are traditionally hand sorted by experienced village artisans.

Medicinal Properties of Raisin
Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-aging, Natural Laxatives, Excellent Digestive aid, helps in Cardiovascular activity, Natural Coolant

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