We exist to help you discover and purchase directly from the Farmers near you

Marketplace for Farmers
Buying pure milk, vegetables, and fruits at a fair price was impossible. Not anymore – we fixed it by building a platform to connect you directly with the farmers in your area. Farmers get rewarded for their honesty and high standards. You on the other hand as a customer get to know the food you are putting in your mouth, and also the farmer producing it.

You’re what you eat. But we live in a capitalist world and finding pure food is complicated, especially the daily supply of dairy, vegetables, and fruits. You either buy them from local vendors, grocery stores, or online stores. You hope that what you’re buying is clean and pure, but all these places you buy from have little idea about its source and purity. You don’t know whether the cattle getting milked are sick, treated inhumanely or those tomatoes & bananas have harmful chemicals.

We spoke to many farmers, about their farming practices, to understand what makes them throw harmful chemicals in their fields, give hormone injections to their cattle, and treat animals inhumanely. We even met farmers who harvest vegetables, and fruits separately for their families and customers. What they sell is NOT what they eat.

We quickly learned that these farmers are not necessarily bad people. The middlemen buy their produce at bottom prices and sell it to Mandis for at least twice the mark-up. These Mandi’s then sell the produce to vendors and retailers (online or offline), again for twice the mark-up price, or more. And you buy that produce from these retailers, again at twice the mark-up at least.

Everyone is getting rewarded in the transaction, except the farmer who did all the hard work, or you as a customer who paid 4 to sometimes 10 times the farmer’s price. The farmers are part of broken food production and delivery system which is hundreds of years old and designed not in their favor but in the favor of resellers.

Long story short – the biggest reason why you might be buying overpriced vegetables and fruits with chemicals and impure milk is the lack of a reward system for farmers. An honest and dishonest farmer is treated equally, with no reward and motivation for producing quality. Many dairies, vegetable, and fruit farmers told us they are ready to invest back in their business and produce quality food only if they made enough profit. Their biggest problem is that they can’t find good customers in their area, because of which they are forced to sell to resellers for pennies.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Farmers should be paid enough so that they can ensure quality and as a customer – you should know the farmer you’re buying from, and what their customers think of them. With Farmsnation, we’ve done just that. It’s a redo, a rethink, a simplified, potent reintroduction of buying fruits, vegetables, and dairy. A fresh start, the way it should be. You should know not just your farmer but also their farm and their story, perhaps more intimately than your Uber driver, or your next Airbnb, or favorite restaurant.

We exist to create transparency between farmers and customers, while rewarding farmers for their hard work and good value system. Just download our mobile app, and share your location with us. We will find the verified farmers in your area with their ratings and inventory. Our mobile app is easy to use and buying your groceries from verified farmers is like a breeze.

If you need any help, feel free to reach us out at info@farmsnation.com or call us at +91 98735 54939.

– Team at Farmsnation