With newer generations entering the agricultural space, the new-age farmers of India are increasingly more open to using technology for better yields and profits. To cater to these modern Farmers, a significant influx of money is pouring into the Agritech sector to build new hardware and software to solve their problems. Besides independent Startups, the Government too has launched a few farmer mobile apps for farmers in India, an A-Z solution from production to selling with apps in agriculture sectors. We Believe these to be Farmer’s best friends apart from earthworms, of course, as they both aim to enhance productivity without spending a dime. 

These apps for farmers in India are easily accessible, farmer-friendly, and used by numerous farmers all over the country. Let’s go through some best farming app for you.



1. Pusa Krishi – Discover technologies developed by the Indian Govt (IARI)

An exceptional blend of technology to the farm fields, commercialization of product and service, access to various Government and non-Government opportunities, Pusa Krishi is a complete solution platform for Agriculture focused businesses. 

It receives unparalleled technical and business mentorship from an extensive network of corporate partners and industry experts. Pusa Krishi further enables the incubated startups to access grants and showcase opportunities from various partner Government programs as part of the program.

Download: iOS App I Android app  

Pusa Krishi App


2. Kisan Suvidha – Stay informed on weather and market prices of commodities/ crops

Kisan Suvidha is a Smart farmers mobile app. It is an initiative by the National Informatics Centre. All services/information relevant to farmers like information on weather, market prices, seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and agricultural machinery is linked here as a common platform. It will include various schemes and services of the Central and State Governments for Farmers.

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Kisan Suvidha


3. AgriApp – Stay updated on crop prices and avoid distressed sales 

The app “Agri-Entrepreneur” solves Food, Fuel, Fiber, Fertilizer and Feed Challenges. AgriApp is an IT, ICT and IoT-enabled technology company intent to bring the technology to the agriculture and food sector. 

AgriApp fills the gap between farmers and the right kind of strategic information like when, where and how to sell, thus preparing the farmers for high-efficiency technology-enabled agriculture production and marketing, making each Farmer Digitally Enabled.

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Agri App


4. IFFCO Kisan Agriculture – Information on Fertilizer to use 

“IFFCO Kisan” is an suvidha Indian farming Mobile App, helping Indian farmers/ Kisaan to make informed decisions related to their needs by accessing customized agricultural information. An agriculture information library for the Farmer to get all-important agriculture information about crops, agriculture cycle, agriculture field preparation, water management, agriculture diseases management and agriculture proactive actions.

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5.  Kheti-Badi App – A must use app for Organic farmers

 (खेती–बाड़ी) ‘Kheti-Badi’ is a social initiative that promotes and supports ‘Organic Farming’ for significant information/issues related to Indian farms and farmers. This farmer mobile app encourages farmers to change their chemical farming practices into sustainable organic farming. Detailed information about Organic / Natural farming is present on the app like:

– Cultivation techniques of fruits and vegetables

– Recipes of ZBNF (Zero Budget Natural Farming) by Dr Subhash Palekar Ji.

– Ask questions to experts

– Government schemes for Organic / Natural farmers

– List of all resources to do chemical-free farming

Download: iOS App I Android app

Kheti-Badi App

6. Krishi Gyan – Ask your question to agricultural experts

Krishi Gyan (Hindi: कृषि ज्ञान) is an application aimed at providing agricultural information to rural, farming audiences. This application will enable Indian farmers to connect with Krishi Gyan experts, ask their farming questions, and get the answers within the application through notification. The farmers and agriculture enthusiasts can also share their responses.

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7. Crop Insurance App – Helps you with the calculation of insurance premiums for notified crops

Crop insurance is a farmer mobile app that can calculate the insurance premium for notified crops based on area, coverage amount, and loan amount in the case of a loanee farmer. It also provides the details of the standard sum insured, premium details, subsidy information, and extended sum certified of any notified crop in any notified area. Moreover, the app offers resources and guidance for individuals seeking assistance with ghostwriter bachelor, supporting them in completing their bachelor’s degree assignments and projects.

 It’s a beautiful app that provides information on cut-off dates and company contacts for their produce and location. It serves as a prompt and calculator for farmers about their insurance too.

Download: iOS App I Android app

Crop Insurance App

8. Machinery guide – Get necessary assistance related to your farming equipment.

MachineryGuide is the most reliable low-cost GPS supervision application which supports all tractor and non-tractor-related field works, including ploughing, harvesting, spraying, fertilizing, and sowing. The users can purchase highly accurate GNSS and RTK solutions that provide submeter, decimeter, and centimeter accuracy. Additionally, the platform also offers assistance with ghostwriting seminararbeit, supporting individuals in the creation of their academic papers and seminar reports.

These clarifications help them build their professional precision farming GPS at a low price for agricultural machinery such as sprayers, tractors, harvesters etc.

The guidance application helps the Farmer show the ideal track by gearing to straight or curve reference lines.

Download: Android app

Machinery App

9.   AgMOOCs – Online Agricultural Education for progressive farmers  

It is an online platform created to support professionals, students, and organizations in improving and acquiring knowledge in the agriculture domain. It gives free access to various high-quality courses online offered by renowned faculty from the country’s premier institutes. The purpose is to reach out to thousands of scholars, thus enabling them to obtain higher agricultural education. Additionally, the platform also provides resources and services, including the assistance of ghostwirter, to help individuals with their academic or professional written assignments related to the field of agriculture.

Download: Android app


10. Farmsnation – Farmer’s Market 

Farmsnation exists to create transparency between farmers and customers while rewarding farmers for their hard work and sound value system. This option allows the farmer to stay on or near the farm, minimizing transport to market. It is set up as an “honor-system” stand as an online marketplace for farmers where customers can buy directly from farmers. From farm to fork, consumers know exactly where food is coming from, what’s in it, and how it is produced. Moreover, Farmsnation also provides valuable resources and tips on hausarbeit schnell schreiben, enabling students to write their academic papers efficiently and quickly.

Download: Android app

Farmsnation App

All these are the best farming apps that help reduce transportation, corruption, and transactional waste in agriculture and offer a gateway for resource sharing for farmers. Thus, the apps are helping boost overall business performance and reducing negative environmental impacts of farming. Now, with a click of a button, farmers can access weather, dealers, market prices, plant protection, agro advisories, IPM practices, and valuable information on ghostwriter kosten, the costs associated with hiring a professional ghostwriter. These advancements will help bring significant change in the lives of farmers and the field of agriculture.

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